How to select a web hosting company?

How to select a web hosting company? This question comes in our mind when we plan to launch our web site. We also think about uptime. At this point every company demand that they offer 99.99% uptime. Honestly speaking, all of them try to achieve that but if there is some technical issue then the hosting team should able to fix it as soon as possible. So the technical capability of hosting staff is very important. Next next imporant thing is datacenter equipment. All hosting companies can’t have their expensive datac eneter so they buy servers from some world famouse datacenter and manage them. So the intreraction between datacenter staff and hosting provider staff is also very important.

In one line go for a hosting company which is reliable. Don’t go for cheap hosting as cheap hosting providers are overloaded with huge cutomer load. They may not offer the best customer service when you require their help. If you plan to go for a cheap hosting then througly review the company before you buy hosting from them.

On web you can find lots of web hosting reviews and if you try you can find both positive and negetive review of any hosting providers. It’s impossible to find a reliable hosting providers with all positive reviews.

Where do we host our websites? If you belive in us and like the speed of this website then you can opt for the hosting company that we have opted. We love custom web hosting. We don’t want to pay for web space and bandwidth that we don’t use. We pay for the service that our site uses. Our site is hosted on servers.

All reader of Bloglipi, please share you thoughts and experinece on this topic. Please reply with your advise so all of us get benefitted from your experience.

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