How to select a SEO domain name (via postie)

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Most of us never think so much while buying a domain name. Is there any relation between SEO and domain name?

First decide why are you launching this site? Who is your targeted audience? How do you want to promote your site? If you have a big budget then you can promote almost any domain but if you tactfully decide your domain name then you can save a lot in marketing your site. SEO is the key. Using SEO principles you can promote your site through search engine at free of cost.

For this decide the targeted keywords first. Find out how is the competition, how many people search using those keywords. Based on these info you can select the keyword and while selecting your domain try to use those keywords.

Web development firms in India (via postie)

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Web development firms in India are providing web based solutions to all kind of businesses world wide. Are they efficient in handling your web based requirements?

There are many firms who can provide the basic solutions but what about if you have some special requirements. Can they handle that? How to deal with web development firms in india?

Its always good to consult with an expert before you select a web development firm so the expert can make sure that your web development company is efficient enough to handle your requirements. If you have any specific question you can ask here. The idea is to recruit the best web development company in India.

Web innovation in 2009 (via postie)

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What is web innovation and what is web 2.0? You might be thinking about what’s new in web 2.0?

The basic difference is web 2.0 is much more interactive. Its not like you publish something and people come and read that. In case of web 2.0 people do interact with the author by posting their feedback.

At this point web sites are integrated with other social networks like facebook twitter etc. If you like a web site then you can follow the site through rss and twitter post. You can configure your site in such a way that your posts are automatically sent to twitter or your twitter posts are sent to your site.

In the age of web 2.0 these kind of integration are very simple and easy. Be ready for web 3.0 and it would be smarter than web 3.0

Web hosting requirements to host your website

Web hosting requirements to host your website – This is a very basic question, what kind of hosting is required to host my web site? Think more about your web site first. What technology do you use? which web server? what would be daily / monthly traffic? how much server space is required? etc.

Once you finalize your requirements then your web hosting requirements would be clear. Lets discuss about the basics. LAMP platform is most popular in this market. LAMP is Linux os, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP language. Most of the open source (CMS, blog, forums, gallery etc) scripts are based on LAMP. If you don’t know much about web designing and web hosting then just opt for LAMP platform.

Another popular platform is ASP .NET for web developement. Visual Studio .NET IDE is the most popular IDE to design quality web site fast. But you need ASP .NET developer to design your web page. There are open source CMS on ASP .NET but they are not as popular as PHP MySQL open source script.

J2EE is another platform where you use Java, any database, tomcat / Apache web server. This is the most powerful and flexible platform. Your web site can be extensible and powerful. Development cost would be very high as you can find J2EE developers are busy with quality work and they will charge you a lot for a simple web site.

Conclusion: If you are a small business owner with little budget then go for LAMP. Get a coder on LAMP platform and get your work done. Opt for open source scripts. It will save lots of your money because you don’t need to spend money on testing / QA. Open source scripts are tested by millions of user and they are bugs free.

If you have very little budget then you can develop your web site on some html / css template. You can find all web hosting and web developement resources at INDIWebHsot.Com