Top Web Hosting Countries

Top Web Hosting Countries – Where the top hosting companies located? As you know that a location doesn’t matter because wherever the files are they should be available for fast access. For this you need 99.9% uptime and good customer support. Still there are people who look for hosting in their own country thinking they can visit the place in case of any issues.

For your information75% Hosting companies are from USA. Top 5 countries are as follows.

1. USA – 25,655 Companies
2. Canada – 2,869 Companies
3. UK – 2,764 Companies
4. Germany – 2,312 Companies
5. Spain – 1,641

From the above numbers you can imagine where are the servers located. A hosting server in your home country would be the wrong selection if they can’t provide you better service. Also most of the small companies are basically reseller who buy a server in USA and sell you space out of it.

Market leaders are from USA. Hosting companies from other country may not server you as good as a professional one in USA. You need 99.99% uptime and best technical support.


Know how can you select a best web hosting package out of 25000 companies