Linux Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Both Linux dedicated server web hosting and the FreeBSD dedicated server can be highly beneficial to a business person’s website and business needs. Both are operating systems for servers. The customer obtains a program from a hosting company, but there are different ways to obtain these items. Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds of Finland in conjunction with other developers from all over the world. The freeBSD dedicated server was developed at the University of California at Berkeley. There are both benefits and disadvantages when choosing one of these options. Linux is known for a high level of support. There are plenty of options out there for technical support. In addition, a user can do his own research online if that person should run into problems with the server. Yet, it is not likely that he will. Linux dedicated server web hosting is known for its reliability.

Both systems are easy to obtain. To get Linux dedicated server web hosting, simply go on the Internet and visit the official website. Since both are operating systems, not software, a user doesn’t necessarily install it on his computer. He downloads what’s called a distribution. Depending on the amount of space on the computer and what the user plans to use the system for, he can choose the right distribution. Before downloading a system, the user should have a high-speed Internet connection and ISO images for the distribution. If he already runs another operating system, he will need to re-partition his hard disk to install the new operating system. Before obtaining a system, read all of the instructions and requirements.

Choosing the right operating system is important to helping run an efficient website. At times, a user may need to find professional support. Select a reliable server company with various options for operating systems. Ask other people whether they recommend Linux dedicated server web hosting or a FreeBSD dedicated server. Also, read reviews and articles about the different operating systems options. These are not the only ones. No matter which operating system chosen, it should be one that the user can either handle on his own or where he can depend on professionals to provide support. Expect the small investment of an operating system to go a long way towards the efficiency of any website. Yet, not matter what we do, we may not succeed, especially if we ignore our responsibility to take all our business concerns to our Lord. Psalm 19:7 says that God “makes wise the simple.” First lean on Him through prayer and Bible study, then conduct business according to the principles in His Word.

Benefits of Dedicated IP Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated IP Hosting

There are multiple tools that shows you the list of web sites hosted on a particular ip address. GeSite nerally shared hosting are like this. There are shared hosting like ixwebhosting who offers dedicated ip on shared hosting account. If you choose this kind of hosting you will be given your own IP address that is only used by your website server space and domain. Just as with any other hosting, web site visitors will be able to access the information on this server by browsing the Internet, but the security and speed of your site will be greatly enhanced.

Now a days these kind of hosting are tagged as SEO Hosting. As these hosting environment help you on your SEO initiave. There are many web hosting companies to choose to purchase dedicated IP hosting from. Websites with dedicated ip allow you to upload your files and content to your own secure web space.

Dedicated IP Hosing is must for web site of following types

  1. e-commerce site where you site must be more secure for mutiple trasaction
  2. Web site with extra security requirementrs
  3. Sites who want to avoid spam and illegal websites
  4. Site that market throug SEO

You will have your own private SSL certificate along with an anonymous FTP client. SSL certificates will ensure that your website stays secure and that customers can make transactions without worrying about security. An anonymous FTP will allow users to share information across the Internet.

However there are so many hosting companies to choose from that you will be sure to find a reasonably priced dedicated IP account somewhere. Try