Ignore some cheap hosting traps

IGNORE SOME CHEAP HOSTING TRAPS –  Searching for cheap hosting plans sometime seems good on the surface but  does not mean it is good for you. Here are few things to watch out for

Hidden Prices, Unadvertised limitations, Bad Reviews, Contradictory Statements. Let’s discuss one by one.


As advertisement every cheap hosting provider mentions the low price rate of their hosting plans in bold type. Some cheap hosting providers offer payment on annual basis while others show their attitude to charge a fee higher if you intend to pay it on monthly basis. In this regard you should pay in advance for three years.

Sending out emails in large quantities can slow down the server to response properly. So every hosting provider limits the quantity of emails. Basically this is very harmful on a shared server for other customers to share the site.  Hosting providers tell you this in advance.

In addition to saving a great deal of time on your mailings auto responder services offer a host of features such as spam bot software, tracking capabilities that will help you increase  profit. If you operate a large web site, you could face sudden shut downs problem of your web site and loss data when you try to exceeds your file limitations and it is caused by some providers. Some cheap hosting providers set limitations on the usage of files for uploading.  Apart from that another limitation is the usage of scripts.  So you need to check out the scripts running on your site allowed by provider from being shut down.

Read the fine print carefully for building your website when hosting providers provide some templates.  You may have to rebuild your entire site from scratch while moving your site. Because few providers allow you to use the templates while you maintain an account with them.

Bad Reviews:
Your searching for reviews of the company may be a good move to select a hosting provider. In this case If your search reveals a number of bad reviews then undoubtedly that hosting provider is not the right choice for your web site.

Contradictory Statements:
Few cheap hosting providers provide data transmission and huge quantities of web space to use unlimited domains on one account and that seems a great deal on the surface.  However, once you start addition additional domains, your bandwidth may not support the load and as a result it causes shut down the system. In addition, if your hosting provider limits the quantity of files on your account, the addition of more domains could easily exceed the file limitations in a very short time.

How to select cheap web hosting?


Plenty of cheap hosting companies are there in this competitive market making you confused to get the right way. In this regard some tips are given.

  1. Requirements for website.
    You must be sure that you are being provided all your website requirements, basic features like domain names, sub domains name, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, shopping carts, script language, auto-responders etc. Along with that you must check out about limitations, restrictions and cost, their back-up systems to prevent your server from any disaster lost.
  1. Check out the reliability of hosting company
    Just ask them what steps will be taken to maintain your web site and what will be the least possible amount?  Make sure they provide 30 days money back guarantee with 99.9% up-time.
    You need to know their service terms and conditions well.
  1. Stay away from any kind of free hosting.
    This service a benefit provider to all people with unwanted things including advertisements, to deal with while signing up for the service.   Generally free web hosting provides sub-domains instead of your own domain to make you imagine about the negative impact on your business.
  1. Customer’s satisfaction
    Verify that the provider is capable of providing technical support and customer service.
    Whether web hosting service provider provides satisfactory customer service anytime, anywhere to resolve the problems is much more important than thing else.
    In this competitive market undoubtedly cheap hosting will help you saving money.

Apart from that there are many web hosting service providers to offer you web hosting plans with reasonable price rate.



Let us compare between the shared hosting and virtual private server. Share hosting is a collection of hundreds or thousands sites hosted on the same server. VPS Hosting solutions are a great alternative when compared to low-end dedicated servers and perfect for those who need more than a shared hosting account.

Share hosting is to let you share everything like an apartment living man who share all from staircase to passage, from lift to basement for parking vehicles.  As for example a computer virus that does not recognize between the aimed target and users.

VPS is a method of   splitting a server.  It is more privacy. The cost of this server is a bit higher.  But with more responsibility It controls over operating systems, configuration and firewalls. As there is a possibility of others to share the same server with you, being strict limits by the owner of the server it protects you being harmed by others.

From the technical side Shared hosting typically uses a web-based control panel system, such as cPanel, Ensim, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx, H-Sphere or one of many other control panel products.   Users who are not competent enough and who only require basic levels of bandwidth and disk space, shared hosting is an option capable of being done at hand compared to VPS host.

You can take a step to invalid the liabilities is to get the internet protocol (IP) address dedicated.  To resist you from being blacklisted due to using spammer with IP and to accept credit cards for ecommerce, it acts importantly.  Anonymous FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL (FTP) download and better search listings are other gains to come up with a dedicated IP and for just you need to invest extra $1 to $4.  In this way you can buy useful features as well as security for every webmaster.

In case of VPS, there are some cheap VPS plans available.  A sum of $10 per month is a cheaper one that most users can pay for shared hosting plans.

In a word VPS is a long-term investment using for privacy and control it offers for people making big plans related to web presence.  On the other hand shared hosting is a well known, reliable host for personal and small-scale users.

best wordpress hosting cheap & reliable

best wordpress hosting cheap & reliable

Are you searching for a wordpress hosting? As per wordpress blue host is the best. It’s good for people with less technical knowledge as blue host support auto install and auto upgrade.

What is WordPress Auto-Install?
WordPress Auto-Install — new WordPress updates are made available within 24 hours! Bluehost support this. It also pffer you Unlimited disk storage, Unlimited monthly data transfer, host unlimited domains on 1 account, 1 free domain name for as long as you host with BlueHost, 2500 POP / WebMail addresses, 50 MySQL databases, free control panel, free Fantastico, free SimpleScripts, 24/7 network monitoring, 99% uptime guarantee, mirrored storage backups, no hidden fees, voted best support in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008!

How to choose a cheap and reliable web hosting?

How to choose a cheap and reliable web hosting?

1. Server Uptime: Look for a host with an uptime guarantee of a 99.9%.

2. Space and Bandwidth: You can find multiple hosting offering “unlimited space” and “unlimited bandwidth”. But there might be some way to limit you so do read T & C.

3. Technical support: Go for a 24×7 supports? The company should respond rapidly to your issue? A good hosting compay should know how to solve any problems you have, and always in 24 hours.

4. Control Panel: CPanel control panel. Do try the demo of their control panel.

5. Addon domain: You may want to build more websites in one host, you should look for atleast 10 addon domain.

6. Free domain: Opt for hosting with free domain but make sure the domain belong to you.

7. Price and Renewals: Look at the price carefully. there are host who offer even 100% discount for the first year. But they may ask you a hyge price next year.

8. Payment and Money Back Guarantee:
After few days you may find that the company is not good for you. So if they offer mone back guarantee the that would be good for you. If you pay as credit card, remember to cancel auto renewals when you will not use their host again.

9. Hosting features: Windows hosting support like Asp, Asp.net, Ms access, Ms SQL. Linux hosting support like Php, Mysql, Perl, CGI, SSI, .htaccess, telnet, SSH, MySQL, crontabs. And general features support like FTP, Email, Data backup, SSL, etc. If you run scripts need special spport, suggest to contact before buy.

10. Reviews: Do look into top 5 to 10 web hosting company who support your purpose. Compare them with several features. Visit TopHost.J4U.in