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Build A Niche Stote (BANS) Join the fastest growing money making concept

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[Note: to create a BANS site on bloglipi.com please contact us. You cannot create a new blog by yourself]

Build A Niche Stote (BANS) – Join the fastest growing money making concept on the web, it‘s FREE at BlogLipi

make moneySo What Is BANS on BlogLipi? BANS (Build A Niche Store) with BlogLipi blog is a tool on BlogLipi blogging network which enables you to create a network of traffic pulling, money making niche websites / blogs focused around the eBay and Amazon affiliate opportunity. Steps involved are as follows

Step 1. You simply choose your niche. Step 2. Build and develop your blog. Step 3. Promote, make money and repeat the same to create another blog.

Each eBay marketplace has an affiliate program which enables you to promote eBay listed products in exchange for a healthy share of eBay’s revenue for each sale that you refer. The same is applicable for Amazon. Create your Ebay & Amazon affiliate account. The more niche stores that you build the more people you will transfer to eBay / Amazon and the more eBay/Amazon affiliate commissions you will make.

How to Create a Niche Store with a Blog? How Does It Work?

1. Choose Your Country. Your country choice will determine which specific eBay marketplace products you will be marketing. You will be creating niche websites focused around eBay.com listed products and will then be marketing them to online shoppers in the United States.
2. Choose Your Niche like digital camera, books, poster, DVD, Movies, diamond ring etc (whatever you like).
3. Sign Up at BlogLipi for your blog at FREE of cost. Follow the process to activate your blog – change password – select a template – update blog name description etc from the admin panel
4. Create your Ebay & Amazon affiliate account to get ebay campaign id and amazon associate id
5. Go to your blog’s admin panel. Select options tab and then “Ebay Amazon” tab.
Eneter ebay campaign id and amazon associate id. There are other options. Most of them are optional. Save the options
6. Go to Write tab to create a new post. Say you are writing on your favourite digital camera. May be you can write a review on a particular model.
At the end of your post write the amazon and ebay tag. See the Syntax (RED) in the following box. Ebay Amazon tag
7. For multiple keyword use + sign for ebay items. For home theater it would be Home+Theater. For amazon just use one word (it doesn’t support multiple keyword. We are working on this). Then specify the number of items to display. Follow the same syntax as above just update the keywords and number of items to display.
8. As you know that BlogLipi is a revenue sharing forum so we ask for 10% to 30% of your site’s revenue by displaying items using admin’s ID.
9. 70% is yours. Also you can increase this % by inviting your friends. You can find your invite URL at BlogLipi Forums. Login to forum, you will find that at your profile.

Sample Item related to Camera from Amazon.

Sample item related to golf Ebay Item.

Market Your Website To Your Target Niche

Earn Quick CashOnce you’re happy with your new niche store it’s time to turn your attention towards marketing.If you’ve targeted golf then you want to attract golfers interested in purchasing specific pieces of golf equipment, if it’s a used motorcycle store that you’ve built then you’re looking for those people who are about to buy a new bike.

By following a basic set of marketing principles including content creation, SEO, article marketing, forum marketing, Squidoo lenses, social bookmarking, link building, USFreeads and PPC you will soon be finding buyers for the products you have chosen to market and will be making a steady supply of eBay affiliate commissions. (Please note that there are threads in our forum that discuss these strategies.

At this stage you can then choose to spend some more time developing your niche store (particularly adding more content pages), pursue a more aggressive marketing strategy, submit your post to all sites list under “Share This Tool” at the end of your post.

If you commit to the project, take action and use our member forum as a support structure for your development you will soon find yourself with your own growing portfolio of eBay / Amazon affiliate websites which are successfully funnelling buyers through to eBay and adding a nice monthly income to your bank account!

Make money online. Convert your blog to an Ebay and Amazon Store

BlogLipi is a blogging netword using WordPress technology. You can create a new blog in 5 minutes with out knowing any technologies. Also you can import your blog from Blogger and other supported network.

Once you have a blog you can turn that into an ebay Amazon Store. You just need to add your ebay campaign id and amazon associate id in your admin panel.

Once you are done you can display related items (related to your post) using keywords and tag. Visitors come to your blog. They read posts, see the items.  You earn commission when they buy an item from ebay and amazon via your blog. Also you get money when they register in ebay.

Read BANS page to know more.

What is Build A Niche Store (BANS)?

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What is Build A Niche Store (BANS)?

This is a brand new idea to make money online. You know people earn money using affiliate program. How they do it? They get affiliate link from ebay Amazon and place it on web. Where you need to put continuous effort to promote the links.

We at bloglipi have automated this using script. You write a blog and place a tag below the blog which will fetch item from ebay and amazon site using your affiliate id / associate id.

You write blog spot and they get indexed in search engine based on the keywords you have used. Say you are writing a post about digital camera.

Now Items from Ebay on Digital camera

Items from Amazon on Digital camera

Isn’t it very easy? Now people come to your blog read your post see the items and when they buy any item you get commission from ebay.

Get paid to post article on different topics

Get paid to post article on different products. Are you Interested? If yesr follow these steps

  1. Create a blog here on a topic like my favorite  car, beauty product, insurance, finance, stocks, TV, gadget, camera, sound system, etc. basically on any topic that you like. There is no restrictions. You can create multiple blog to write on different topics.
  2. Add at least 50 posts to your blog.
  3. Promote your blog by posting every posts to different sites available in “share this”. This is very important.

Please contact us once you are done. We will let you know how you can make up to 50 USD per month for every post in your blog.

We are here to help you to earn extra cash every month and then live like a King.

BlogLipi Team