Unix vs. Windows Web Hosting

Unix Pros

The Unix operating system was made to perform demanding tasks, giving it the ability to run multiple sites on a single machine with ease.  It is extremely flexible for programming environments and provides a tremendous level of administrative control.  Unix handles CGI scripts perhaps better than any other system, making it ideal for hosting operations that require a lot of automation.

Unix Cons

The disadvantages of Unix do not have much of a bearing on end-users or shared hosting customers, but to the server administrator, they can be a determining factor.  Thriving off raw DOS-like commands, it can be incredibly difficult to learn as there is no GUI to simplify management tasks.  In fact, it can take administrators years to fully grasp all the basic commands of the Unix operating system.


Windows NT was beloved instantly for its ease of use and seamless integration with the FrontPage web authoring tool.  This niche variation really appealed to users who lacked the ability to code with scripting technologies such as HTML, CGI and PHP.  Despite its popularity, Windows NT quickly gained a bad reputation for being vulnerable to exploits and stability issues.  The platform improved greatly with the introduction of Windows Server 2003 and got even better with the release of Windows Server 2008 in 2007.

Windows Pros

Windows offers a user-friendly setting that is quite familiar to its desktop environment, making it easier to use for administrators.  Instead of complex commands, management tasks can be handled from a GUI boasting icons and easy to use tools.

Windows Cons

Now far more stable and secure, the Windows disadvantages have been reduced significantly.  The biggest drawback would be cost, which stems from licenses tied to the Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and even the Windows platform itself.


When it comes down to it, both Unix and Windows have demonstrated their ability to perform efficiently in the web hosting environment.  Both are traditionally more expensive than Linux so cost may not be as big a factor as you may think.

E-commerce web hosting

E-commerce means to sale and purchase on line.  E-commerce services are very popular hosting solutions for individuals or enterprises who want to conduct E-commerce businesses.

Online sales are managed and promoted by E-commerce tools of Web hosting.  Most popular E-commerce tools are database support; secure transactions, advertising packages, web promotion secure socket layer etc.  For Web Hosting of E-commerce Weblinkindia is one kind of solution offering various kind of services.  Making you more knowledgeable about e-commerce web hosting as a reference a description is mentioned below.

Features and Quality:
Generally visitors don’t like to wait too longer while downloading.  Instant web page loading is always required for the web hosting of e-commerce. That’s why the size of data transmission rate which is called bandwidth should be supportive to access of the speed of web page. Because It may create some problem to get access to web page fast and easily, if the server of the host is overload.  Shopping cart services that track the items chosen by buyers are provided by specific software. It is like an online store.  Optimization service of Search Engine is an online project to get the visitors traffic. Security feature also plays an important role in Web Hosting of E-commerce.

It is true that nowadays popularity of e-commerce hosting services is increasingly rapidly.  You need to keep few important things in mind while planning to choose the right host for the site of e-commerce.

  1. Twenty four hours in a week service (24×7)is very supportive to play a very important role for e-commerce hosting.
  2. Server must be hosted on fast data center.
  3. Select the maximum uptime server commerce host.
  4. E-commerce host should have database backup and monthly file arrangements.
  5. Singleton IP address is important.
  6. Host servers should be compatible with SSL and if is so then it will help to execute credit transactions.
  7. Free forwarding, three e-mail addresses, and aliases are few important things not to neglect.
  8. The Hosting plan comprises of MySQL or postegresql that basically are database support.  Apart from that the  CGI-perl/PHP  Support that is called Java Servlet Support is also taken in our e-commerce hosting plan.

Ignore some cheap hosting traps

IGNORE SOME CHEAP HOSTING TRAPS –  Searching for cheap hosting plans sometime seems good on the surface but  does not mean it is good for you. Here are few things to watch out for

Hidden Prices, Unadvertised limitations, Bad Reviews, Contradictory Statements. Let’s discuss one by one.


As advertisement every cheap hosting provider mentions the low price rate of their hosting plans in bold type. Some cheap hosting providers offer payment on annual basis while others show their attitude to charge a fee higher if you intend to pay it on monthly basis. In this regard you should pay in advance for three years.

Sending out emails in large quantities can slow down the server to response properly. So every hosting provider limits the quantity of emails. Basically this is very harmful on a shared server for other customers to share the site.  Hosting providers tell you this in advance.

In addition to saving a great deal of time on your mailings auto responder services offer a host of features such as spam bot software, tracking capabilities that will help you increase  profit. If you operate a large web site, you could face sudden shut downs problem of your web site and loss data when you try to exceeds your file limitations and it is caused by some providers. Some cheap hosting providers set limitations on the usage of files for uploading.  Apart from that another limitation is the usage of scripts.  So you need to check out the scripts running on your site allowed by provider from being shut down.

Read the fine print carefully for building your website when hosting providers provide some templates.  You may have to rebuild your entire site from scratch while moving your site. Because few providers allow you to use the templates while you maintain an account with them.

Bad Reviews:
Your searching for reviews of the company may be a good move to select a hosting provider. In this case If your search reveals a number of bad reviews then undoubtedly that hosting provider is not the right choice for your web site.

Contradictory Statements:
Few cheap hosting providers provide data transmission and huge quantities of web space to use unlimited domains on one account and that seems a great deal on the surface.  However, once you start addition additional domains, your bandwidth may not support the load and as a result it causes shut down the system. In addition, if your hosting provider limits the quantity of files on your account, the addition of more domains could easily exceed the file limitations in a very short time.

Top Web Hosting Countries

Top Web Hosting Countries – Where the top hosting companies located? As you know that a location doesn’t matter because wherever the files are they should be available for fast access. For this you need 99.9% uptime and good customer support. Still there are people who look for hosting in their own country thinking they can visit the place in case of any issues.

For your information75% Hosting companies are from USA. Top 5 countries are as follows.

1. USA – 25,655 Companies
2. Canada – 2,869 Companies
3. UK – 2,764 Companies
4. Germany – 2,312 Companies
5. Spain – 1,641

From the above numbers you can imagine where are the servers located. A hosting server in your home country would be the wrong selection if they can’t provide you better service. Also most of the small companies are basically reseller who buy a server in USA and sell you space out of it.

Market leaders are from USA. Hosting companies from other country may not server you as good as a professional one in USA. You need 99.99% uptime and best technical support.


Know how can you select a best web hosting package out of 25000 companies

cheap hosting in india

cheap hosting in india

People always try to find cheap and reliable web hosting in their own country. In the similar way people in India try to find hosting in India and some time in their own cities. The main point they know whom they are paying the money. And they expect good support from them.

But as per as we know, Indian Web Hosting Standards aren’t much competitive. They do offer cheap web hosting packages in India but those are really limited hosting. That’s the reason all experiences people go For an Offshore hosting company. As a matter of fact most Indian hosts have their server outside India.

If you want quality host in optimum price you can opt for Hostgator (price starts from aprox Rs.300/- per month). Bluehost , hostmonster , lunarpages are also good. Some time people do mistake and try to move their hosting account to a realiable company. Lunarpages offer best package if you plan to move your account to lunarpages (you can get upto 6 months of hosting at free of cost).

If you are not experienced you can opt for one click installation of lot of script. POWWEb is famous for this. Also you can opt for hostrocket or dot5hosting

If you are planning to host lots of photograph then you can try ixwebhosting.

If you are still looking only cheap hosting in india then we can suggest netwayweb. We have hosted web sites on their server. They are really good in customer support. Netwayweb offers 5 GB space, 50 GB transfer at Rs.1400/- per year. Visit netwayweb for their latest hosting plans.

Netwayweb is one of the cheapest web hosting providers in India. They don’t compromise with quality and they always help you with your technical problems.