Let us compare between the shared hosting and virtual private server. Share hosting is a collection of hundreds or thousands sites hosted on the same server. VPS Hosting solutions are a great alternative when compared to low-end dedicated servers and perfect for those who need more than a shared hosting account.

Share hosting is to let you share everything like an apartment living man who share all from staircase to passage, from lift to basement for parking vehicles.  As for example a computer virus that does not recognize between the aimed target and users.

VPS is a method of   splitting a server.  It is more privacy. The cost of this server is a bit higher.  But with more responsibility It controls over operating systems, configuration and firewalls. As there is a possibility of others to share the same server with you, being strict limits by the owner of the server it protects you being harmed by others.

From the technical side Shared hosting typically uses a web-based control panel system, such as cPanel, Ensim, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx, H-Sphere or one of many other control panel products.   Users who are not competent enough and who only require basic levels of bandwidth and disk space, shared hosting is an option capable of being done at hand compared to VPS host.

You can take a step to invalid the liabilities is to get the internet protocol (IP) address dedicated.  To resist you from being blacklisted due to using spammer with IP and to accept credit cards for ecommerce, it acts importantly.  Anonymous FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL (FTP) download and better search listings are other gains to come up with a dedicated IP and for just you need to invest extra $1 to $4.  In this way you can buy useful features as well as security for every webmaster.

In case of VPS, there are some cheap VPS plans available.  A sum of $10 per month is a cheaper one that most users can pay for shared hosting plans.

In a word VPS is a long-term investment using for privacy and control it offers for people making big plans related to web presence.  On the other hand shared hosting is a well known, reliable host for personal and small-scale users.

Cheap SEO Web Hosting

Cheap SEO Hosting

What is SEO Hosting? SEO hosting is basically the hosting which provides you dedicated server environment through dedicated ip address. One shared hosgting with dedicated ip can offer you this environment. This is must to protect your site from the spam that other domain may do who share the same hosting.

Don’t pay more for SEO hosting : There are mutiple company offering SEO hosting hosting at a higher price. Actually you should pay only for the ip address you get from them. There are company who offer dedicated c class ip at $2 per month.

SEO HOSTING Package: Generally SEO hosting packages would be like 5 c class ip, 1 GB space in 5 account and 10 GB monthly bandwidth per account. The idea is to host your different site on different account. later you can feed backlink to your sites from your own sites.


Top Web Hosting Countries

Top Web Hosting Countries – Where the top hosting companies located? As you know that a location doesn’t matter because wherever the files are they should be available for fast access. For this you need 99.9% uptime and good customer support. Still there are people who look for hosting in their own country thinking they can visit the place in case of any issues.

For your information75% Hosting companies are from USA. Top 5 countries are as follows.

1. USA – 25,655 Companies
2. Canada – 2,869 Companies
3. UK – 2,764 Companies
4. Germany – 2,312 Companies
5. Spain – 1,641

From the above numbers you can imagine where are the servers located. A hosting server in your home country would be the wrong selection if they can’t provide you better service. Also most of the small companies are basically reseller who buy a server in USA and sell you space out of it.

Market leaders are from USA. Hosting companies from other country may not server you as good as a professional one in USA. You need 99.99% uptime and best technical support.


Know how can you select a best web hosting package out of 25000 companies

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cheap and affordable windows VPS hosting

Cheap and affordable windows VPS hosting

What is VPS Hosting?

A virtual private server or VPS (also known as a virtual dedicated server, is a method of partitioning one physical server into multiple servers. Each one of these servers has the appearance and capabilities (with it’s own allocated resourced) as it if were running it’s own dedicated server. So you get the benefit of dedicated server with some limitation. Each VPS can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.

A virtual private server is the most economical way to get guaranteed resources for your web hosting environment. Years ago users would need to have their own dedicated server if they did not want to share all of the resources. Now with VPS technology you can get guaranteed bandwidth, CPU, memory, and hard drive space without the cost of having your own dedicated system.

Windows Virtual Private Servers

Lunarpages’ Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans are geared towards larger, more popular Windows based web sites with higher resource and usage requirements. Windows VPS plans run with Virtuozzo Power Panel and can have a Plesk Control Panel added. All plans come with priority 24 hour support.

Plan Key Features

Cost per month*

$39.95   Limited Time Offer!

Set Up*


$775 Free Bonus!


Free Domain Name*



512 MB


20000 MB (20 GB)

Bandwidth per Month

1000 GB/Month

Host Unlimited Sites


1 GB of FTP Backup Space


30-day money back guarantee


24/7/365 Award Winning Support


Remote Desktop Sessions

Limited to 2 Sessions

Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP)


Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine (MSDE)


MSSQL Database

1 Included

Microsoft Silverlight Support


Optional Aplications Available

Plesk 8.2


.NET Framework 2.0


.NET Framework 3.0


Java 2 Runtime Environment (J2RE)


Java Development Kit (JDK)


Operating Systems

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise



99.9% Uptime


2,000 Mbit Connectivity


Power Generator


DDoS Protection


Features Available With Plesk Add-On

Website Statistics


File Manager


FTP Manager




Website Logs


Scheduled Tasks


Windows Virtual Private Servers