best wordpress hosting cheap & reliable

best wordpress hosting cheap & reliable

Are you searching for a wordpress hosting? As per wordpress blue host is the best. It’s good for people with less technical knowledge as blue host support auto install and auto upgrade.

What is WordPress Auto-Install?
WordPress Auto-Install — new WordPress updates are made available within 24 hours! Bluehost support this. It also pffer you Unlimited disk storage, Unlimited monthly data transfer, host unlimited domains on 1 account, 1 free domain name for as long as you host with BlueHost, 2500 POP / WebMail addresses, 50 MySQL databases, free control panel, free Fantastico, free SimpleScripts, 24/7 network monitoring, 99% uptime guarantee, mirrored storage backups, no hidden fees, voted best support in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008!

Home Based Internet Marketing Jobs

This is all about Home Based Jobs – GO FOR IT IF YOU CAN SPEND 5/6 hour / Week

Who should opt for this? – Anybody who wants to earn some extra money for the bad time. We don’t need to explain more on this as you already know the markets in 2009 there are lots of job cuts, and getting a new job is really tough in this recession. This can be a primary source of income if you are serious about it.

How is this possible? It’s all about internet money using internet marketing concept. Your business will not have any boundary, it would be world wide. Even in recession people are spending huge money to market their product. IPL Criket is one example. So you need to tap this fund.

There are multiple ways og making money online. You just need a website. you can get a free web site but we would suggest to go for you own web site where you will have full control with brand value.

You need to select a topic. People say niche. Where you have enough interest. then launch a website on that topic. Start selling ads (using Google AdSense) on your site and earn money. Also you can be affiliate of some product company on that domain and sell those product from your web site and earn affiliate money. One good example would be selling ebay product. You can build your niche store using wordpress plugin.

Now Steps as are as follows

  1. Buy a cheap hosting package with free domain name. buy at webhostingpad
  2. you would get script library along with your hosting package so you can launch your web site in 5 minutes
  3. Then start adding content and customize your site. You don;t need to be a pro to do this.
  4. market your site. keep writing unique content you would be getting lots of visitor from search engine so you don’t need to sepnd money for marketing
  5. Play big if you want use several marketing tool.

Is there any proof of such earning? There are so many web master forum and you can find many web masters have been earning a lot from their internet business. keep you eyes open you can find that

How much would be the investment? Just the yearly fees of your hosting account. you can buy a unlimited hosting at $3.95/month (which is aprox Rs.190/- per month). We know there are people who have been earning $500/month easily (which is Rs.25000/- per month). So don’t worry about this investment. Contact us if you have more question on this.

Free or cheap domain name registration

Free or cheap domain name registration

Are you looking for a free or cheap domain name? There are ways to manage a free domain name registration for first one year. Also you get get a domain free for life.

What’s the cost of a domain?

It varies from site to site who register domain. It cost you approximately $9 USD per year. There are sites who ask much more than that. Please don’t go with them. Generally .com domain are most famous across the world. You should try .com first. .net .org and country specific domain are also good. But you can’t register country specific domain in all sites.

How to get a free domain?

.cc domains are available free for first year. As I said it always good to go with .com as the whole internet world is knows as dot com world. if you tell a site name people withh try dot com first then other tlds. There are mutiple hosting company who offer free domain for first year. Try webhostingpad, ixwebhosting, hostmonster and find more at thehostingsearch

How to get a domain free for life?

There are hosting company who offer free domain name registration for whole life if you continue your hosting account with them. Some of the them are webhostingpad, hosican, midphase. Find more at thehostingsearch

Do you own those free domain?

In most of the cases you don’t own those domain. So at a later point you would be in problem. So in the first day make sure you own the domain name not the hosting company.

Cheap SEO Web Hosting

Cheap SEO Hosting

What is SEO Hosting? SEO hosting is basically the hosting which provides you dedicated server environment through dedicated ip address. One shared hosgting with dedicated ip can offer you this environment. This is must to protect your site from the spam that other domain may do who share the same hosting.

Don’t pay more for SEO hosting : There are mutiple company offering SEO hosting hosting at a higher price. Actually you should pay only for the ip address you get from them. There are company who offer dedicated c class ip at $2 per month.

SEO HOSTING Package: Generally SEO hosting packages would be like 5 c class ip, 1 GB space in 5 account and 10 GB monthly bandwidth per account. The idea is to host your different site on different account. later you can feed backlink to your sites from your own sites.


Benefits of Dedicated IP Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated IP Hosting

There are multiple tools that shows you the list of web sites hosted on a particular ip address. GeSite nerally shared hosting are like this. There are shared hosting like ixwebhosting who offers dedicated ip on shared hosting account. If you choose this kind of hosting you will be given your own IP address that is only used by your website server space and domain. Just as with any other hosting, web site visitors will be able to access the information on this server by browsing the Internet, but the security and speed of your site will be greatly enhanced.

Now a days these kind of hosting are tagged as SEO Hosting. As these hosting environment help you on your SEO initiave. There are many web hosting companies to choose to purchase dedicated IP hosting from. Websites with dedicated ip allow you to upload your files and content to your own secure web space.

Dedicated IP Hosing is must for web site of following types

  1. e-commerce site where you site must be more secure for mutiple trasaction
  2. Web site with extra security requirementrs
  3. Sites who want to avoid spam and illegal websites
  4. Site that market throug SEO

You will have your own private SSL certificate along with an anonymous FTP client. SSL certificates will ensure that your website stays secure and that customers can make transactions without worrying about security. An anonymous FTP will allow users to share information across the Internet.

However there are so many hosting companies to choose from that you will be sure to find a reasonably priced dedicated IP account somewhere. Try