Why Choose India For Application Development Services?

In today’s competitive market each and every organization requires some applications or software. But when the time comes to choose effective application development then people get baffled to decide where to go for which company’s service. Let’s discuss about some application development for your organization.
As per recent survey the name of India has come on the top position for their marvelous contribution in the application software development. A huge number of software development companies are there in India to provide high quality and effective application development services to their clients across the globe.

Let’s discuss about some distinct aspects that the Indian software development service providers have.

•    The first thing that comes in mind is cost. Truly speaking that Indian offshore development companies provide you services with cheaper cost compared to any other countries. You can make out the difference clearly if you take quotations from US and UK based IT development companies

•    Indian IT managers and the software personnel are qualified enough to speak with the foreign clients. They are strong in communication skill that really matters for application development services.

•    You can get Indian IT development service providers available 24/7/365, if you face any type of problems related to operating the application made by them. In this case just give them a call to help you.

•    The Indian application development companies employ extremely skilled and experienced software professionals to create high quality and successful software and applications for their clients.

So, for all these marvelous facilities there is no need to go for other countries than India.

Hosting and domain registration


Web hosting and domain registration both things are important to have a Internet presence. One thing that you must keep in your mind is that your chosen domain name is related to your service, business. Keyword research is a very important step for you doing so and it helps others to find out about your particular profession, service or product.

Just click on the number one and going to the site click right and select the click view page source, once you get the result. Your correct chosen domain name will be the key finding your page. Google Ad Words keyword tool will help you do some keyword research. In addition you have to check out if your chosen key word is matching that domain name available.

The price of domain names varies from 7.99 and up per year. But the cost brings down a bit if you buy it for more than a year at a time. You must have determination while choosing web hosting.  And if you are not confirmed you may ask for a web designer’s help to create and host your website.

Don’t be in a hurry to have your web presence rather than doing it the proper way to make the right choice when time comes to web hosting and domain registration.

Free domain name web hosting


Don’t forget to take advantage of the promotional items with free domain names provided by many hosting companies while signing up. . A domain name costs you about $10 a year which means you are getting discount on hosting plan.

You must transfer your domain name out to your favorite registrar like Name Cheap or Go Daddy while signing up, for your hosting. So don’t fear thinking that your domain name will get stuck with hosting company.  You can have full control over the free domain name. You must mention that you want your domain name transferred to your registration so as you can regain control.

You will experience down time, if you don’t point it back to your servers changing your domain name servers while transferred out. Choose primary keywords containing domain names to sell your product. As for example if you want to sell “football shoes”, it is better to choose a dot com extension after registration with football shoes dot com”.  You can easily switch hosting companies whenever you like after transferring the domain name to your registrar.

No need to terminate your existing hosting account, if are planning to sign up for a new hosting account.

Support department of the new company is ready to transfer everything if you provide them your login details.  Check out the site on the new server after transferring all the files as well as data bases to the new server. You will get time to change your domain name, if everything goes fine.

For modification at least two fields are there- the primary DNS and the secondary DNS while you request to change the DNS. Be patient and 48 hours would be given to get information updated.

Content writer with SEO Internet Marketing Knowledge

Are you a professional content writer? Many people looking for content writer with SEO Internet Marketing Knowledge. For big business it really doens’t matter if you know SEO because they employ SEO professional separately for their business who can take care if the content writeen by you isn’t search engine optimized.

If you are writing content for SEO then you must know SEO and Internet Marketing. This is not a rocket science. You can even learn SEO in few days. Your SEO and Internet Marketing knowledge will add huge value to your profile. Apart from writing normal user manual, technical article you can even promote product through your Search Engine Optimized post on web.

Do you want to learn SEO & Internet Marketing by yourself? I think the great way to start would be creating a blog (you can contact us we can create a blog for you on Bloglipi.com like you.Bloglipi.com) on a Niche and then start posting. Bloglipi.com provides you detailed stats so you can track how your blog is performing on web. Start reading on SEO topic like Page Rank, Link Building, Keyword dencity, your position on SERP etc.

If you are a good writer then you have huge opportunity on web. People are looking for writers who can promote their product through yahoo answer, forum post, blog comments etc.