Recommended web hosting company for PHP and MySQL

Recommended web hosting company for PHP and MySQL

Generally people ask this question again and again “Which web hosting company do you recommend?” in terms of performance and uptime for PHP/MySQL sites? Generally for basic html site you will not have much problem. The most demand is placed on the host when using database driven sites. That’s the reason most web hosting company limit you on maximum no of MySQL connection can be used.

These days most of the companies offering unlimited hosting because they know you can not use huge space and bandwidth with other limitation like maximum no of mysql connection, cpu usage, database size etc.

Better find your requirement first and then decide how much space, bandwidth do you require?  Also don’t think you can continue your same host for multiple years. Say you get more and more visitors and then you my need to move to a better server. So find a host as per your requirements at this moment.

Blog hosting with ad revenue sharing?

One question asked by one of my friend

How can I make money off my popular blog? Are there any blog hosting sites that share ad revenue?

He has a fairly popular independent sports blog, with several thousand regular visitors. Now ne needs to figure out how to make money off it. Are there any blog hosting sites that share ad revenue, or will he needs to set up his own site and sign up for Google AdSense?

Answer: if you can manage your blog by yourself then you must go for your own blog. Why do you want to share your revenue with others? We do offer ad revenue sharing option but we found people are less interested in sharing there revenue. That’s the reason we say you can opt for your own blog with cheap hosting account. You can follow the step by step procedures to set up your blog ***HERE***

Also you can find a cheap and reliable host at ***THEHOSTINGSEARCH***

Free or cheap blog hosting options

Free or cheap blog hosting option – These days almost every body has a blog. There are multiple site offering free blog. Even you can manage a free blog here. It would be a sub domain blog like

We suggest you to think twice before you create your own blog. Your infamous blog can become famous tomorrow and you can even earn huge money from your blog. So plan it properly.

Don’t worry about the expenses. You blog can earn that small money for you. you just need to write few words regularly. Now why do you look for a free blog where you don’t have full control over your own site. instead you can opt for cheap hosting at $2.95 per month. We know people there are multiple people who earn at least $3 per day from there infamous blog. So your blog can even give you some extra money.


From the above article you can find out that you can build your own blog in 5 minuses using a free CMS software that comes with your hosting