Linux Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Both Linux dedicated server web hosting and the FreeBSD dedicated server can be highly beneficial to a business person’s website and business needs. Both are operating systems for servers. The customer obtains a program from a hosting company, but there are different ways to obtain these items. Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds of Finland in conjunction with other developers from all over the world. The freeBSD dedicated server was developed at the University of California at Berkeley. There are both benefits and disadvantages when choosing one of these options. Linux is known for a high level of support. There are plenty of options out there for technical support. In addition, a user can do his own research online if that person should run into problems with the server. Yet, it is not likely that he will. Linux dedicated server web hosting is known for its reliability.

Both systems are easy to obtain. To get Linux dedicated server web hosting, simply go on the Internet and visit the official website. Since both are operating systems, not software, a user doesn’t necessarily install it on his computer. He downloads what’s called a distribution. Depending on the amount of space on the computer and what the user plans to use the system for, he can choose the right distribution. Before downloading a system, the user should have a high-speed Internet connection and ISO images for the distribution. If he already runs another operating system, he will need to re-partition his hard disk to install the new operating system. Before obtaining a system, read all of the instructions and requirements.

Choosing the right operating system is important to helping run an efficient website. At times, a user may need to find professional support. Select a reliable server company with various options for operating systems. Ask other people whether they recommend Linux dedicated server web hosting or a FreeBSD dedicated server. Also, read reviews and articles about the different operating systems options. These are not the only ones. No matter which operating system chosen, it should be one that the user can either handle on his own or where he can depend on professionals to provide support. Expect the small investment of an operating system to go a long way towards the efficiency of any website. Yet, not matter what we do, we may not succeed, especially if we ignore our responsibility to take all our business concerns to our Lord. Psalm 19:7 says that God “makes wise the simple.” First lean on Him through prayer and Bible study, then conduct business according to the principles in His Word.

Affordable Web Hosting

Most web hosting companies charge more price. So we need to understand how can we get affordable web hosting. Some research will obviously be required on the part of the website owner to determine which of the many companies offering web hosting will be most beneficial. A good host will allow regular changes to the content of the website to keep it from becoming “old hat” and stale. Fresh material keeps visitors to the site coming back. For a business trying to sell a product this is particularly important, and there should be no extra fees for updating a site.

Obviously, if little time is lost the economic losses to a business are small, but there should be a reimbursement of a part of the monthly fee for any time the website is actually down. Besides downtime, other technical difficulties should be addressed quickly.

Does this discount web hosting company offer virus and spam filters? They should certainly offer this service as part of their package, along with multiple e-mail addresses. The amount of bandwidth a website owner can use will depend on the level of service paid for. The host company should provide a schedule of payments and all the services they offer before a customer signs a contract, to avoid any misunderstanding.

A tracking service should be included with the affordable web hosting so the website owner can see how many visits to his site were made over a given period of time. It is through this information, along with the number of sales that resulted from these visits, that lets the business owner know just how effective his website is or is not. The whole purpose of a business opening a website on the Internet is to move its products, or expand its services, whichever is appropriate.

No matter which of the several affordable web hosting companies a person or company considers signing up with, there will be more than one plan for payment of the fees for their services. Monthly fees usually run higher than quarterly or annual payments would be. If it fits in the budget of the businessman, the longer payment intervals will save money. No matter which plan one chooses, however, the service should be the same. The web host offering discount web hosting should listen to the needs of the client accepting that low offer just as closely as the client who is paying for the most expensive package offered.

Unix vs. Windows Web Hosting

Unix Pros

The Unix operating system was made to perform demanding tasks, giving it the ability to run multiple sites on a single machine with ease.  It is extremely flexible for programming environments and provides a tremendous level of administrative control.  Unix handles CGI scripts perhaps better than any other system, making it ideal for hosting operations that require a lot of automation.

Unix Cons

The disadvantages of Unix do not have much of a bearing on end-users or shared hosting customers, but to the server administrator, they can be a determining factor.  Thriving off raw DOS-like commands, it can be incredibly difficult to learn as there is no GUI to simplify management tasks.  In fact, it can take administrators years to fully grasp all the basic commands of the Unix operating system.


Windows NT was beloved instantly for its ease of use and seamless integration with the FrontPage web authoring tool.  This niche variation really appealed to users who lacked the ability to code with scripting technologies such as HTML, CGI and PHP.  Despite its popularity, Windows NT quickly gained a bad reputation for being vulnerable to exploits and stability issues.  The platform improved greatly with the introduction of Windows Server 2003 and got even better with the release of Windows Server 2008 in 2007.

Windows Pros

Windows offers a user-friendly setting that is quite familiar to its desktop environment, making it easier to use for administrators.  Instead of complex commands, management tasks can be handled from a GUI boasting icons and easy to use tools.

Windows Cons

Now far more stable and secure, the Windows disadvantages have been reduced significantly.  The biggest drawback would be cost, which stems from licenses tied to the Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and even the Windows platform itself.


When it comes down to it, both Unix and Windows have demonstrated their ability to perform efficiently in the web hosting environment.  Both are traditionally more expensive than Linux so cost may not be as big a factor as you may think.

Review of the best Web Hosting companies

Review of the best Web Hosting companies

1. HostMonster
HostMonster offers top quality web hosting for both personal and small business websites. Their inexpensive website hosting plan includes unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth and a free domain with no multi-year contract!

2. BlueHost
Recommended by thousands of webmasters, BlueHost delivers affordable web hosting with free website marketing tools. A great blog hosting choice that supports WordPress, Joomla and b2evolution.

3. HostGator

A great host to transfer a domain name to, HostGator offers large website hosting plans suitable for both personal and business hosting.

4. IX Web Hosting

A reliable web host, IX Web Hosting provides unlimited space web hosting plans on both Windows and Linux with a broad array of developer technology support.

5. midPhase
A reliable shared and dedicated hosting provider, midPhase offers unlimited hosting plans starting from $2.95 per month with free 24/7 US-based technical support.

6. ANHosting

ANHosting delivers shared hosting services that are popular with webmasters and web developers. All inclusive hosting priced from 23 cents per day.

7. WestHost

A technical support focused web host, WestHost delivers premium business hosting at competitive prices. Now Offering 1 Free Year of Hosting to new customers.

If you want more power than shared hosting can offer without the price of a dedicated server, check out the cloud computing 1 node hosting plan from VPS.NET.

9. JustHost
Just $3.95 per month, JustHost offers an unlimited hosting plan priced in your currency with good technical support. International domains are fully supported in their inexpensive hosting plans.

10. SingleHop

This popular web host delivers low cost dedicated servers without long-term contracts. With around the clock technical support, SingleHop is great for international business customers.

Advantages of Reseller Web Hosting

The reseller business is quickly mounting in the global hosting market. It is a thrilling and hopefully innovative trade as long as huge profits earning chances for possible web experts who have the ability and dedicated, particularly for the first few years when creating the required communications and system to become constant in market point in this commerce.

Seeing that we carry on seeing an augment of web masters or web experts entering this market, it is unquestionable that this is an innovative dealing by means of massive panorama with predictable boost insist over the subsequently few years. As a consequence, I am quite persuaded that most of people inquisitive on the key benefits that web-masters are proficient to clutch from reseller web hosting which creating it such a money-making business day by day.

Some of the major benefits from the reseller web services business –

1.Reseller web business assists to decrease the vast price obligatory to acquire the whole web spaces as a re-mandatory to put in place someone’s online selling. On the other hand by means of the foreword of reseller services, a gigantic web space is alienated into a lot of minor web spaces which are excellent and adequate to be resold.

2.Reseller business is the most excellent boulevard for web host with financial plan restraint to get their requisite web hosting space. It is an extremely efficient rate lessening technique of hosting wherever the web host can have a gigantic web hosting space.

3.The palpable advantage of reseller web services is that no need to be prepared with the web hosting acquaintance to be competent as a reseller. What people need to do is to sell the web services to other third parties who are paying attention in receiving pertinent web hosting services.

4.The furthermost contribution of reseller hosting is by giving lots of contemptible but yet excellence services.

5.One more important point of reseller hosting is that the web master can set up their industry by running a reseller hosting business by means of the web space on the server.