Recommended web hosting company for PHP and MySQL

Recommended web hosting company for PHP and MySQL

Generally people ask this question again and again “Which web hosting company do you recommend?” in terms of performance and uptime for PHP/MySQL sites? Generally for basic html site you will not have much problem. The most demand is placed on the host when using database driven sites. That’s the reason most web hosting company limit you on maximum no of MySQL connection can be used.

These days most of the companies offering unlimited hosting because they know you can not use huge space and bandwidth with other limitation like maximum no of mysql connection, cpu usage, database size etc.

Better find your requirement first and then decide how much space, bandwidth do you require?  Also don’t think you can continue your same host for multiple years. Say you get more and more visitors and then you my need to move to a better server. So find a host as per your requirements at this moment.

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