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BlogLipi is a Google AdSense & Kontera Ad revenue sharing community. You can join blogLipi and create you own blog at free of cost. Ads will be displayed on your blog and inside the forum topics. Up to 50% of the revenue from your blog will be credited to your account. For forum the calculation is little bit complicated. remember your earnings will depend on your activities.

Google AdSense and Kontera content link ads are pay per click program. Ads will be displayed on your blog. You earn money when visitors (*not YOU*) click on your ads. It’s very simple. WARNING: YOU CAN’T CLICK ON ADS ON YOUR BLOG. if you do then your account will be canceled. You need to be honest otherwise you account can be banned by Google. Technologies they use are very advanced and you can’t cheat them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Your blog and the whole forum needs to be optimized for search engine. We promote your site so don’t worry about SEO and other technical stuffs. Just follow the guidelines while posting article or comments.

  1. Before you post your article think about the topic and prepare a gist. From the gist find out all the keywords that can define your article. The keywords are very important and they should be placed properly in your article.
  2. Don’t place all the keywords in one line. Distribute them.
  3. Try to place almost all the keywords in the title of your articles also.
  4. Post regularly. This will enhance your page rank.
  5. At the beginning and at the end of your article you can place the links of your other articles that your visitors may read.
  6. You can search in Google and find out what other people are writing on any topic. You can read some blogs and post your comments in their blog and leave a signature there. In your signature you must write your blog’s URL so people visiting that blog can visit your blog also.
  7. Bloggers are earning in lacs. You need to plan and move forward.

These are few simple tips. if you are a blogLipi member you will receive more tips by email.

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